Mar 4, 2013

How to get Android contacts to your WP8 phone

I just got my Nokia Lumia 920. Wee! I've been waiting since November last year, so... yeah.

The first thing I needed to do when I got it, was getting my contacts over. Last time I checked, it was just to add my google account, tell it to sync e-mail, contacts and calendar - and there you are. But not so much in my case.

I though it may have something to do with Google removing support for the ActiveSync protocol, but that apparently has been postponed until July 2013. Still, I think it's better to be prepared and do it the right way, right now - so you don't wake up in August wondering where your contacts have gone.

First, go to your Android device and check that you are syncing your contacts to google. Oh, you are? That's what I thought. Now check the last time they were synced... that was the real issue, on my device. Apparently, when I switched jobs and moved all my exchange contacts over to google, it did just that. But only locally... and for over a year, I was thinking my contacts were safe! Anyway, click the little symbol to sync now, and wait for your contacts to appear over in gmail contacts.
Choose to add Google contacts here

Google contacts added successfully!

When they are synced, go to and the "people" hub and select Google contacts from the menu, like in the screenshot. then you should see the import guide to the right, with facebook, linkedin and gmail. If you don't see gmail in there, you have already set that up, and can relax. You should be able to see the google logo to the right on the screen, like in the second screenshot.

Now the last step is of course to log in using the same account as in the last step on your Windows Phone and sync contacs.

I'm sure I'll have some more blog entries when I've been using my phone a little, so stay tuned if you're curious about Windows Phone 8.

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