Aug 20, 2012

Windows 8 status update

Thought I'd share with you what features are working and not on my laptop (HP Elitebook 2540p) with Windows 8. It may apply to other laptops as well.

Validity Fingerprint Sensor Working with Validity's drivers Does not always work from hibernation
HotKeys Works with HP's Win7 drivers
Wifi Native Win8 support
Ricoh Card reader Works with HP's Win7 drivers In Win8RC, Explorer would crash if the card was unformatted.
Webcam Native Win8 support
Sound Native Win8 support

Related links: HP Drivers
and Validity drivers

One thing that had me fooled for a while was how to power off the computer. The power button of course is linked to hibernation, which works well, but to shut down, I had to go to metro/start menu/whatever and then click sign out, then find the power symbol and choose shut down.
An easier way is to go to desktop (win+d) and press alt+f4, for the regular shut-down menu.
An even easier way, if you're too lazy for the keyboard, is a shortcut on the desktop. To a .cmd file that contains only "shutdown /s /t 0". It will shut down immediately, so be careful, you can change the switches to whatever is your taste.

Synaptics Touchpad

The people at Synaptics have released a new driver suite that supports Windows 8 mouse gestures (or touchpad gestures, if you will). Luckily, it also works with the touchpad in 2540p. Just download their drivers for Windows 8 and install, reboot and you're off.

Right click the Synaptics icon in the system tray and go to "Touchpad properties" for a handy introduction to the gestures and switch on and off the different ones. In my experience they all work! Especially the three-finger scroll is helpful in modern/metro UI.

Happy Windows 8 install!


  1. how do you setup hp protect tools manager? or how do you setup up fingerprint credentials using windows 8?

    1. I didn't get the hp protect tools manager to work properly. You can read about how I got it to work in this blog post

      In short, you download the validity drivers and inside their installer archive there's an exe installer for the fingerprint enrollment tool.

  2. does the touchpad gestures work on windows 8? i have a 2540p as well and thinking of installing windows 8 on it!

    1. Hi Jay Jay, thanks for asking - I've updated the blog post, and yes they do work :)

  3. I have too have an EliteBook 2540p, 64-bit. I upgraded from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 8 Pro by doing a clean install.
    Win 8 Pro causes my computer to freeze randomly. I have installed all of the available Windows updates, enabled Hyper-V, and disabled dynamic tick but it still freezes.
    I don't know what else I can do. Any suggestions?
    Please help!

  4. PS. My graphics driver is up to date and I am sure there are no conflicting apps or files on my PC because I have also upgraded to Win 8 on an old Asus laptop with the same programs and files and it is running without any problems.

    1. Hi Antony, I'm sorry to hear about that. I have not experienced the same thing, but I have read others that have. It's really hard to guess based on the info you have... Perhaps try to examine your event log or even doing a crash dump analysis would help. Sorry, I know that's not very helpful.

  5. I also installed windows 8 on my 2540p laptop, but found that its generating over heat, noice and the battery backup falling to 1 hr from 4 hours.. please some one suggest me for clean install...

    I installed all the latest drivers available.. still facing the problem...

    1. Hi Ram, I would check the power settings then. If it's set to high performance instead of balanced, it may do something like that. Let me hear if any luck!

  6. Hello Stian!

    I was glad to find your blog with useful information on how to run windows 8 on a Hp 2540p, which is precisely what I do. I think most things work really well, especially after having installed Office 365 as well.

    I do have one serious problem though: after upgrading (not clean install) to win 8 hibernation stopped working completely, and sleep mode is working only partially (computer wakes up by itself). So I just thought I'd ask you if you have any ideas about how to solve this problem. In that case I am really grateful to hear from you.

    Ola Lundstrom

    1. Hi Ola!

      Thanks for the feedback. I actually ran into the same issue myself, but didn't think to put the solution up here. I found a good guide here:

      Regarding the "computer wakes up by itself" issue, I haven't seen it. But I'd first check the windows update settings, they may be waking up your computer just to check for updates.

      Hope it helps!


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